Dorval Electric has been serving the Golden Horseshoe area for 25 years. We strive to be the most innovative and progressive company in the industry. We specialize in the construction and design of electrical systems for residential, commercial, industrial and service projects of all types and size. We offer a full range of service from planning through to construction.

Our experienced staff offers a broad range of capabilities under one roof, including medium voltage distribution, emergency power generation, electrical controls and communications systems.

Dorval Electric’s highly qualified individuals offer a broad range of expertise in the design and installation of wiring and electrical systems for residential, commercial and industrial projects. We pay attention to every detail our client provides, ensuring the design of their electrical system meets their specific needs. Recommendations on lighting options are suggested to our clients based on their unique floor plans.

We consider possible future requirements and how they can be planned for in their current design to allow for a smooth transition to new technology as it may occur.

Our project managers, electricians and support personnel have an average of 20 years experience designing and installing electrical systems. We have been successful in this industry because we approach every project through your point of view. Each of our employees understands the importance of job site safety and is provided with all of the resources needed to complete the job in a cost effective manner.

At Dorval, our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing reputable services and supplies to each client in all aspects of their project needs while maintaining the most cost effective and environmentally sound methods, through technical knowledge, experience and support.

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